The Book of Mormon Audiobook6,000 downloads and counting!  Amazing how technology is allowing The Book of Mormon to FLOOD THE EARTH!  After posting this audio back in January of 2010I have several requests to repost it as iTunes only pulls the past 30 posts.  So for THANKSGIVING here you go again!  The best part of having this in audiobook format is that you can pause it, go listen to something else, and then come back later and start right back up where you left off.  One file that is 26+ hours long, this is the only way to listen, and you can listen to it in double speed!

Here is my one request, go over to iTunes and write a review on this podcast so we can get some ranking there, and spread the Gospel message even better online. (viewPodcast)  This is a VERY LARGE FILE (over 400MB) so it will take time to download for sure, which also means the hosting of this file and the transfer bandwidth will be extreme, so if you want to support the podcast you can make a donation…

To download the audiobook version of the The Book of Mormon right click on the following link and select “Save As” or “Download Linked File”, after downloading drag and drop that file on your iPod in iTunes.